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About us

We each do what we know best

Were you gifted with a wonderful voice? Then sing. Do you have golden hands? Then build or create. At Eventon, we have imaginations and management skills, so we plan business events and conferences. We want every event entrusted to us to be an example of our impeccable work. We value your time, so you won't be burdened with the details of the event. We only want one thing from you – your order. Don't worry about the details!


If you do a job, do it right

We work thoughtfully and responsibly, we don't look for short-term gains, and we value promptness and quality. We help companies and organizations realize events for any occasion, organize companies' summer and winter celebrations, and run business conferences of every size. Every day, we write at least one new useful example into our list of useful ideas, which are a common source of wealth for us and for our future clients. We understand the difference between “crazivity” and “creativity,” we can offer you the best event planning solutions, and we can add value to your event.


Events with Eventon

Since we began planning events in 2012, not only did we amass a wealth of experience, we also earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism that we aim to maintain for as long as possible. Eventon is a team of creative craftspeople devoted to quality that manages events and plans conferences. You do what you do best and leave the events to us, because your business events shouldn't be your problem!

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